Po' Brothers began crafting their sound in a cold and flooded Indiana basement during the winter of 2010. Since those humble beginnings, they've come to embody a unique form of rock and roll, one that is not rooted in the ordinary and worn out formula of riffs and solos.

Citing influences such as Blind Melon and Soundgarden, their music contains elements of discord as well as rhythm, time, and key changes. These various musical elements separate them enough to be different in the crowded niche that has come to envelope modern day rock and roll.


The first years were spent playing house parties, playing dive bars, and traveling the Midwest and East Coast, but in March of 2013 Collin Curry, Cody Plaiss and Jacob Naville decided it was time to move out west to Seattle. Using all of their available money and selling most of their possessions, they bought a short bus and tripped their way out west.

Once arriving in Seattle they quickly delved into all that the city had to offer and started playing as many shows as possible. After a number of shows and hijinks they stumbled across producer Ben Jenkins and set plans to release an album.

Their self-titled EP was recorded at The Killroom in Georgetown in the fall of 2014. This garnered the band 99.9 KISW’s Loud and Local band of the week, licensing on Discovery Channel, Nascar, and Ridiculousness, and airplay on college radio stations throughout the country.

After the success of their self-funded 6 song EP and after much thought, the three piece decided amongst the members to add the fourth and final member of the band in long time veteran and multi-instrumentalist Cody DeCant.

Now the four-piece band is on track to release their anxiously awaited first full length album in early 2017 with recording being done throughout 2016. The album is expected to follow the path of Po’ Brothers shows in the past. A unique soundscape containing the slow and melodic all the way to the heavy and strange.

Po' Brothers are a live show that is not to be missed and with the recent addition of a new member, the future seems brighter than ever.